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Galactic Leadership

Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh
CEO and Galactic Problem Solver




Leah Kennelly
Project Manager and Galactic Star Lord




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Ellen Cavanaugh, CEO and Galactic Problem Solver

Email Ellen straddles the worlds of robotics and theology, Kindergarten through 6th grade learners and Research Fellows at the Baden Academy Charter School Media Lab, 9th-12th graders and faculty at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic Create Lab, and undergraduates at Duquesne University.  She is a small business owner (Grow a Generation, LLC) and community advocate (director of the …

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Leah Kennelly, Project Manager and Galactic Star Lord

Leah Kennelly joins Grow a Generation with a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Purdue and nearly ten years of experience as a senior engineer with Proctor and Gamble. Most recently, Leah has been involved in schools, scouts, and faith communities taking up the topics of education reform and academic improvement. She brings with …

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Jacob Gorczyca, Director of Human Resources and Inter-Dimensional Mission Control

Jacob Gorczyca directs our human resources, is often found booking and guiding our STEM Career Tours. He can occasionally be seen at our G-MITES camps and classes.  He is the point of contact for all of our STEM Lords and Ladies, those incredible human resources who enable the students and faculty we work with bringing …

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