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STEM CAREER TOUR BUSGrow a Generation would love to partner with your school or classroom to arrange for a day long tour of two companies and a college campus as the ideal compliment to your classroom discussions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts and their related real world applications.

The STEM Career Tour Day Visits are designed to supplement in-class learning and present real-world experiences to classrooms. We partner with industry and work with them to connect the visit to your school’s learning objectives and to help your teachers connect their learning objectives to the skills and knowledge needed for today’s workplace. 

We can make the arrangements to take as many as 15 of your best students and their teacher on a day long adventure!


Current Opportunities: 

  • We are currently booking tours for individual teachers, school, community groups and their students.  Please fill out a proposal request if you would us to provide a tour for your group.



The STEM Careers Tour includes

  • a knowledgeable tour guide for the day

  • two pre-visit lessons plan to prepare your classroom to visit two area corporations and one college campus related to the Tour Theme you have chosen

  • the price includes the budget to cover a substitute teacher (it is STRONGLY recommended that the classroom teacher accompany the students)

  • a letter to your superintendent requesting Professional Development credit for the teacher acting as chaperon

  • a letter to parents (Grow a Generation can process payments if you choose to ask parents to pay part of all of the costs associated with the day)

  • permission and liability waivers (some companies ask for their own liability releases to be signed)

  • van transportation and a driver (some of the locations present parking challenges and we have learned through experience it is best to have a dedicated driver).

  • follow up activities to complete in the classroom

Typical Schedule (varies based on distance)

     8:00 Depart from school

     9:00 Arrive and Tour Company 1

     10:30 Depart from Company 1 and Travel to University Department

     11:00 Visit with University professors and graduates students
                       while eating a brown bag lunch the students brought

     12:30 Depart from University and travel to Company 2

     1:00 Tour Company 2

     2:30 Depart from Company 2

     3:30 Return to school


The maximum students on a tour is 15.


Request a Quote Today

Visit for writeups on individual tours.

Parent Comment:

I am at a loss for words to adequately express my sincere appreciation for the programs you provided over the last two weeks.  Prior to starting the Career Tour, Nicholas knew he wanted to do something in the engineering field, but wasn’t exactly sure what.  Each day following the tour we had productive discussions about the businesses and the engineering involved at each company.  As it turns out, the one company he felt he would not gain anything from (4Moms) was the one that actually sparked his interest in the mechanical engineering field! .. The exposure you provided was able to bring focus and purpose to his studies… Thank you again.”  – Linda Habrle 

Past Tours Include:

Visiting Pittsburgh’s Energy Innovation Center

Wind and Driving Rain Power Students’ Imaginations

Riding the Winds at the St. Francis Institute for Energy

Bohler: The People That Make Sustainable Happen

Greenest Space in the City

Fresh Fish in a Desert

Multidisciplinary Super-team: CMU Sustainability

Researching Women’s Health

Power Forever

A Trip to Google

What Adware?

Exploring Noveome

Carbon Technology

Science in the Lab

A Trip to Millie’s Ice Cream

ContainerShip: Programming in the Cloud

Ascender: The Startup for Startups 

CADD Connections: Cadnetics

CADD Connections: Robert Morris University’s Department of Engineering

CADD Connections: Michael Baker International

Huge Magnets Map Tiny Proteins

Did you know Zebrafish Embryos are Transparent?

Sharp Edge Labs at the Cutting Edge

A Visit to Google and TechShop

Army Corps of Engineers – Emsworth Locks and Dams

The Hydrocarbons of Neville Chemical

Tour of Nova Chemicals – Monaca

PennEnergy Resources

TechShop Pittsburgh

What is a Chemical Engineer? University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Chemistry and Petroleum

A Chat at Chatham: Falk School of Sustainability

CWNC Biology students visit Knopp Biosciences, Duquesne’s Department of Biology and the Hillman Cancer Center

Platypus LLC STEM Careers Tour – Flood Gates of Collaboration

Schroeder Industries, CCBC Aviation Sciences Academy, and Ellwood City Forge

Platypus LLC, Robert Morris University, and Bayer Material Science

First Energy, Forensic Science, and First Insight

National Robotics and Engineering Center, Astrobotic, CMU and 4Moms

Valspar, Pitt’s Computational Biology, and Cybergenetics

FedEx: Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Athletes

Astrobotic: Revolutionizing Space




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