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Grow A Generation

Grow A Generation makes meaningful Science, Technology, Engineering and Math [STEM] projects possible.  We partner with students in grades 3-16, teachers and schools and help them bring to fruition portfolio worthy projects while partnering them with real world mentors at the cutting edge of 21st century exponential technologies that are transforming our economy and world.

Grow a Generation offers

  • Fellowships:  extended projects where fellows work with academics and professionals to bridge the communication abyss from highly technical to the general public. They develop
    • children’s books,
    • digital artifacts such as websites, videos, games, and virtual reality,  or
    • communities to enter leading science, maker, and STEM competitions.
  •  STEM Leadership Centers:  opportunities to
    • briefly immerse into a new STEM field or competition in a G-MITES camp,
    • master a math or coding skill in our SKILLS LABS, or
    • set out on a Fellowship journey to
      • Find Your Passion,
      • Map the Terrain of a unique emerging 21st field,
      • Partner with an industry or academic Mentor,
      • Develop a Digital Artifact (book, website, YouTube channel, video game or virtual reality experience),
      • Become an Exponential Entrepreneur in our ODYSSEY LABS.
  • Go on a STEM Career Tour to open your imagination into the careers, advanced degrees, and entrepreneurial opportunities of the future.
  • Schedule an Consultation today to discover how Grow a Generation can work with you, your school, or your community center, to make meaningful projects possible and inspire a generation of STEM Athletes, Digital Storytellers, and World Changers.

In all these efforts, we put the student first, helping them become part of a generation ready for the 21st century world. A new conceptual age has dawned and it marks a shift in what jobs of the future will look like, makes obsolete many aspects of our current education system, includes changing global markets and an explosion of information access. A new generation is needed.  It is a generation with the 21st century skills of innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership and vision. It is a generation that is literate in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It is a generation with unique experience applying their passions into project based and inquiry based opportunities.

Grow a Generation is committed to help you find or support the passion based opportunities your children and teens need to grow and thrive.  Our mission is to give young people the tools and support to become digital storytellers, STEM athletes, and world changers by making meaningful projects that build a more just and beautiful world.

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Grow a Generation is supported by New Sun Rising

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Mission Statement

Our Team

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Grow a Generation Email: drellen “at” Office Address 200 Hoenig Road Sewickley PA 15143 Phone 724-266-1498      


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Positions Open

Grow a Generation is one of the most unique adventures in STEM Education in the country! You’ll love our core values and curriculum.  Our approach partners students as young as 3rd grade through 12th grade with mentors from academic and professional STEM environments. They create websites, film YouTube episodes, write children’s books, and create video …

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Thank you Joseph / StormC

Our fellows will be thrilled to discover a new set of tutorials as they write their scripts and craft their missions! Thank you to Job Training of Beaver County for again providing us a capable, hardworking, and creative intern! I cannot tell you how exciting it is for us to get an intern or two …

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Seeking New Hires and New Fellows!

Exciting things are happening at Grow a Generation! We are currently looking for a new collaborative project leader to work part-time online helping students pursue meaningful projects with mentors around the globe. What are the qualities we’re looking for? An entrepreneurial spirit. Curiosity. The ability to learn new technology quickly. Courage (and a bit of …

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Let’s Do Some Engineering!!

Only 9 days left to enter The “Next Moon Step” is a summer challenge leading up to an Artemis essay contest this fall, and we’re excited to start some out-of-this-world brainstorming now! When Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on the Moon in 1969, he famously said, “That’s one small step for a man, one …

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Facial Recognition and The Faces Project

Did you know that you may be helping train artificially intelligent ‪facial recognition algorithms? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That is one of the questions being asked by The Faces Project, a group of rising 5th graders at Baden Academy. Facial recognition has been in the news a lot lately (well, …

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