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Published Fellows

Some of our fellows become published authors.  Every fellow works with leaders around the globe to design and implement science, technology and engineering solutions to the problems that drive their passion.  Some of these fellowship teams discover a story from the far reaches of scientific discovery that can be retold to children in a way that inspires curiosity.   We work with our fellows to craft an illustrated children’s book that communicates science and wonder of recent innovation.  Mentors work with them to assure scientific accuracy. 

Illustrations are created through green screen photography, original art by the author or guest illustrator, or a mixture of different media. Books are published through Lulu and available for purchase on Amazon and online sites. Profits from book sales are directed to charity.  

For example, Carter and Hoby wondered about genetics and cancer. They partnered with Dr. Emily Furbee of the Computation and Systems Biology Department at the University of Pittsburgh.  They did a lot of homework, created a preliminary draft, and spent a morning with Dr. Furbee in her lab trying to understand and explain her research in language children could understand. Their book, Fred the Fruit Fly Visits Dr. Furbee’s Lab, introduces kids to some difficult concepts of DNA through fun metaphors and an engaging story.  All profits from book sales are donated to Hillman Cancer Center. You can buy the book through Lulu at .  The boys not only made the clay figurines, worked with a parent artist with visions of drawings, used green screen photography, and even mastered a Picture to Cartoon software. Their message is important and inspiring.

Click on any of the book links in the slideshow to purchase.  Watch the student made book trailers to learn more.   Remember, all book proceeds (if there are any!) are donated to charity.


Profiles of Local Authors, by Scott Tady, Ellwood City Ledger

Sixth-graders to share bat book at TWS conference, By Dana Kobilinsky, The Wildlife Society

CWNC senior writes children’s book about Pittsburgh scientist  by Amerigo Allegretto in the Cranberry Eagle

Barbee the Bee Visits Sr. Lyn’s Beehives Featured in the Pittsburgh Catholic

Book written, illustrated by Baden Academy pupil raises money for Marine Mammal Center  Beaver County Times

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Isabella: Author of Dolly the Dolphin

Isabella loves dolphins.  When asked what she wanted to do as a research fellow project at the Baden Academy media lab, she immediately thought of dolphins! She wanted to write a book about dolphins, and mermaids, and Sparkle Lakes. She was partnered with a mentor, Cheryl Bonnes. Cheryl is a Marine Mammal Specialist at the …

Veronica Judt: Co-author of Hamster Fun Facts

Buy the Book!  Hamster Fun Facts A child’s love of hamsters unfolded in creative stories written down on long bus rides. The project grew to include research and fun. Veronica and Kamryn, while 3rd and 4th grader Research Fellows at Baden Academy. Profits from this book will be donated to the American Society for the …

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