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Since our inception, Grow a Generation, LLC, has been committed to enabling and emboldening young people to find their passions and celebrate their unique brilliance in meaningful projects. Our team looks forward to partnering with your school and your child to provide meaning based opportunities.  Our starting point is listening and learning to individual students. We bring to the dialog our ability to network and our experience in a variety of STEM learning environments. Together with the school and learners, we generate numerous project ideas that enable the young learners at your school or community lab to serve the needs of local and global organizations.

Contact us today for proposals to open a research fellows lab, to schedule a STEM Careers Tour, or to host a STEM Competition program.


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Grow a Generation has years of experience helping schools, classrooms, families, and students make meaningful projects possible.  We are available to work as an education consultant with schools, home school networks, after school youth engagement centers, and families. To begin discussion of we can best meet your needs of providing meaningful projects to kids grades 3-16, email …

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh is available to work with you or your group.  Email: drellen “at” Phone 724-266-1498 For Parent Groups and PTAS DISTRACTED: TECHNOLOGY AND OUR KIDS (Establishing good habits) CREATE > CONSUME (We’ll make a mobile app during a time together) STARTING AN AFTERSCHOOL STEM CLUB  For School In Service  DEFINING STEM WITH MEANINGFUL PROJECTS USING …

STEM Career Tours

Grow a Generation would love to partner with your school or classroom to arrange for a day long tour of two companies and a college campus as the ideal compliment to your classroom discussions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts and their related real world applications. The STEM Career Tour Day Visits are designed to …

Research Fellows Program

Applications are now open Baden Academy Charter School Research Fellowship Application Deadline is Tuesday, September 5, 9:00 am    Seton LaSalle Catholic High School Research Fellowship Application Deadline is Monday, September 18, at 9:00 am    Grow a Generation Research Fellowship Application Deadline is Friday, September 29, 2017 Amazing kids in grades 3 to 16, …

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