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Call or email to set an appointment for a free introductory hour of coding instruction for your 6th-10th grader at our new STEM Leadership Center.

We are located within the Prevention Network and Class Academy 270 Ohio River Blvd, Baden, PA 15005  (In the plaza with the Pizza Hut!) and open on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm.


Sign up for the Coding Lab or apply for an Odyssey Fellowship.  Students can drop in one day a week on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening. whenever they are available. We will track their progress and keep them on course in learning to code or pursuing their odyssey project.

The Coding Lab is open from 6 pm to 7 pm each Wednesday and Thursday to all area 6th-9th grade students from the area. Students will start with a foundational course and move onto their choice of robotics, game design, cyber security, web development or app design.  Access is purchased monthly for only $90.00.

The Odyssey Lab is open 7 pm to 8 pm each Wednesday and Thursday by invitation.  Odyssey Fellows work with a mentor for science or maker fair projects, STEM Competitions, the development of STEM websites and Youtube channels, or author a children’s book about a recent scientific innovation. Call today to help choose the perfect program for your child. Access to only the Odyssey Lab is available depending on fellowship contracts.

STEM (stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is leading the way in the new jobs made available to our kids.  Many, like robotics, offer students wonderful scholarship opportunities and a variety of career paths.   Dean Kamen, the founder of the international FIRST Robotics competitions and one of the worlds leading inventors, says “The only difference between our sport (Robotics) and all the others, is that every kid can turn pro.”

Our Leadership Centers gives your child a path of hands-on learning to become a STEM athlete.


Monthly Access
Wednesdays and Thursdays
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM   Coding Dojo
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM  Odyssey Fellows Lab

Click here to download the mail-in registration form
Click here for online registration



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There are no plans for fall or spring G-Mites classes.  Subscribe to our newsletter for summer programs.   Camps in the News…  G-MITES Game Design Program teaches theory, design by Caleb Harshberger, Cranberry Eagle Grow a Generation Breeds Future Engineers and App Developers by Tyler Baum, Pittsburgh Youth Media 5th Grade Environmentalist Erin Cheek Interview Neighborhood …


Sign up today: Online Journey At the STEM Leadership Center @ Prevention Network and Class Academy You can also order by phone at 724-266-1498. Gift Certificates are available on request   Begin the Find Your Passion Journey and expect to spend 4-6 hours with our expert guide Wyatt.  Complete the journey to receive your …


Grow a Generation would love to partner with your school or classroom to arrange for a day-long tour of two companies and a college campus as the ideal complement to your classroom discussions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts, and their related real-world applications. The STEM Career Tour Day Visits are designed to supplement in-class …


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