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Veronica Judt: Co-author of Hamster Fun Facts

Veronica Judt Author and Animal Rights AdvocateBuy the Book! 

Hamster Fun Facts - Veronica Judt and Kamryn Vilscek

Hamster Fun Facts

A child’s love of hamsters unfolded in creative stories written down on long bus rides. The project grew to include research and fun. Veronica and Kamryn, while 3rd and 4th grader Research Fellows at Baden Academy. Profits from this book will be donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

The book includes creative stories of the adventures of Veronica’s four hamster, puzzles, and fun facts the will thrill the heart of any child who loves hamsters!

Veronica was recently nominated for the 2015 Humane Kid of the Year Award from the ASPCA.  She continues to work to advocate for animals, leading Cruelty Free Makeup Workshops for middle school girls this year as her fellows project.


ASPCA Parent Page Blog Features Veronica!

Beauty 101 Workshop: Going Cruelty Free

Contact for a book signing

Veronica is available to read aloud her book for any local (Western Pa) bookstores, libraries, or community events.  You can contact Veronica through [email protected]

Watch for Upcoming Events! 

Book Signing:  February 28, 2015: Beaver County Humane Society
     along with the Kitty Whisperers – meet them and be part of their next episode!

Beauty 101 Workshop:  March 7, 2015: Beaver Falls Beauty Academy  



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