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Inventing the Future

I am a huge Felicia Day fan (savvy 21st century business woman, star/creator/writer/producer of web series The Guild, and the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel).  I listened to her interview with Matt Pizzolo (another person inventing the future with transmedia and multiplatform productions).  What stuck with me was the image of her doing everything: the writing, filming with volunteers, burning DVDs, packaging them, singing, acting, etc.

Soon after I watched the interview, I was in a Facebook comment dialog with Chris Dilla, another savvy 21st century business woman who owns the Bocktown Grills who draws on local breweries, butchers, coffee roasters, vendors, farms and for a unique dining experience. She wrote “…  I have done all of it on my own backing/collateral and sheer will power. My W-2 in 2006 was $8000, and 6 years later we have two great restaurants with about 100 staff.  It can be done. You don’t get to sleep, but it can be done!

These women are inspiring me to continue on this crazy journey of Grow a Generation and look forward to what the new year will bring.

I am listening to reader comments and giving the book draft readers some extra time to write their reviews and edit suggestions for the 21st Century Parenting book release.  The ones that have come in so far have made this book so much better than I could have written myself.  Thank you!!!  Business leaders, STEM advocates, moms, grandmas, and specialists in young adult psychology and youth spiritual formation (and Marie Shrum with the ever present red pen of English grammar!) are all bringing their expertise!  I am so appreciative at the help.  The book launch, delayed one last time, will be in mid February.  For those who are local, I hope to announce soon a place to gather and celebrate together!

In the meantime, I am celebrating all the milestones this year has brought for Grow a Generation and for me personally. Over 4000 visits to the website, some from Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, France, Sales and advertising have increased every month (even one workbook purchased from the UK!).  I began the Grow a Generation Facebook site (and most recently the finally joined Twitter). Most importantly, I have met some incredible new friends and love hearing from each of you.

The new book, 21st Century Parenting, is being shaped by your comments, your suggestions, your votes (thanks for picking a title for me!), and your stories. Jeremy Angus introduced me to a new web site guru, Neal Rosenblat and through Neal, a new graphic designer who created the absolutely gorgeous new book cover and web banner, Elisa Anderson.  I retired Marilyn Freeman’s great artwork, and thank her it! 

Look for news of the release party, keep sending me your great comments, and have a great 2013!





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