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Congratulations Team E.T.

Team E.T. competing in NASA Design Exploration ChallengeTeam E.T. successfully completed the NASA Design Exploration Challenge today!  Lexi, Ava, and Zoe heeded the challenge of Astronaut Williams and focused time and energy mastering difficult concepts of space radiation and radiation shielding. 

Each girl will serve as a member of NASA’s virtual crew on Orion Flight Test-1 (EFT-1),

Their eyes fell onto the duct tape, and they opted to test it alongside card stock, tissue, clothe and construction paper the experiment called for.  They made some marvelous discoveries (black construction paper adsorbs more visible radiation than red construction paper), but opted for duct tape as the primary material for their shield. Qualities of flexibility, strength, lightness of weight, and durability all contributed to their choice.  

Team E.T. testing prototype

A prototype was created, a 7 cm. square formed with a cardboard frame.  Three layers of duct tape prepared it for testing.  UV beads were placed within and set in the sunshine. The moment came… the box opened, and partial success.  Only one bead showed any type of coloring.  Time ran out to tweak our design and try again with another layer.  

Parents were regaled with lessons learned. Everyone involved is waiting with bated breath for the September 2014 launch of this extraordinary new spacecraft! 

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