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STEM Careers Tour

GRADES 9-12     *     JULY 6-10      *     8:30 – 4:30

Travel by bus to 10 companies and 5 college campuses in and around Pittsburgh for tours, discussions, activities, and explorations.  $395

Who’s on the schedule?

Cybergenetics is the world leader in computer automated STR data analysis (they can analyze DNA for that part (the short tandem repeat polymorphism) that helps them discover who the particular individual is). They work with forensic crime scene investigations and the identification of mass disaster victims. Read more…


Valspar is a global leader in consumer paints and industrial coatings. For more than 200 years, their leadership in technology and innovation has enhanced the beauty of homes, improved the durability of industrial products and protected what we eat and drink.  Our tour will focus on the research, development, and product testing that chemists and applications engineers are focused on.  Click to Read more…


To infinity and beyond….our STEM Careers tour will feature Astrobotic.  Based in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, Astrobotic specializes in affordable space robotic technology and planetary missions.  Imagine Moon landers landing within 100 m of the designated targets, excavations sites on the Moon and other planets, and exploring planetary caves.  These are some of the many areas engineers and scientists are working on at Astrobotics.


FirstInsight uses technology to create on-line games to interact with consumers. Through these interactions data is collected and analyzed to predict how new products will perform in the marketplace. With this data, product developers and marketing resources can better understand how their new products will perform in the market prior to investing large sums. 

Computation and Systems Biology at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine is one of the nation’s leading centers of basic and applied biomedical research.  During our STEM Careers Tour will be visiting the lab of Dr. Joseph C. Ayoob, which is an experimental research group in the Department of Computational and Systems Biology.  The work in Dr. Ayoob’s lab focuses on the molecular mechanisms of removing damaged and extraneous cells in the body.  If not removed, these cells may affect development and lead to autoimmune diseases and cancer.  During our tour we will learn more about the research conducted in Dr. Ayoob’s lab and the educational backgrounds of those working his lab. For more information, see

Schroeder Industries

Schroeder Industries is a leader in Advanced Manufacturing in our area.  They have 65 years of filtration experience. Schroeder designs, manufactures and markets innovative filtration solutions for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel and process systems.


4Moms (Robotic Juvenile Products!)

Their mission is to build dramatically better juvenile products while having fun. Examples MamaRoo, an electronic baby rocker that emulates a variety of parental rocking motions, and a self-folding stroller called the Origami, which features an LCD dashboard and a built-in USB charger.


Platypus, LLC 

Platypus builds robotic airboats that provides environmental monitoring solutions for water bodies






Multi-national chemical and health care corporation known for its innovations in pharmaceutical and medical products, chemical and biological products for improving plant health, supplies high-tech polymer materials. 

We will set out from Cardinal Wuerl High School each morning at 8:30 am.  Each day will include a corporate visit in the morning with a company working in cutting edge 21st century science, technology, or engineering. Lunchtime will find us visiting a specific STEM department at a local college (and eating our packed lunches on campus).  We will travel for one more visit to a local start-up or technology leader.  The day’s activities will include engineering challenges as we travel and resources to continue exploring from home all summer long.  Return to Cardinal Wuerl High School will be at 4:30 each evening.


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