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Inside a Smart Phone

Smart Phones are one of the fastest spreading technology in human history.

Are you just a consumer, or are you a creator of mobile applications for others to consume? Bear in mind, 24% of all mobile app developers make $0.00 from their apps.

But knowing app development gets you in the door of the companies you want to work for or support the company you want to start. What kind of app will you make when you know the possibilities?


Your smart phone is

connected to the internet (interconnection of signals and information to and from billions of other objects around the globe and in orbit)

Filled with sensors, each of which can be programmed to cause a response

  • accelerometers (measures the acceleration that the handset is experiencing relative to freefall)
  • gyroscope (provides more precise orientation information)
  • magnetometers (detects magnetic fields and is used by apps made to detect metal).
  • proximity detector (uses infrared LED and an IR light detector)
  • light sensors (yes, now there are multiple ones for white, red, green and blue, to detect ambient light used within internal programs such as the digital camera and screen brightness)
  • pressure sensitive touch screens
  • microphones

Platypus, LLC, the maker of robotic boats for testing, opted to purchase used smart phones on ebay for the computer power behind their robotics, buying for $100 what would have otherwise cost thousands.

What can you program your smartphone to do?


                     An app that translates in real time


Holographic orchestral players on your ice cream

Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard


Mass Spectrometer for your Smartphone

Control the coming “Internet of Things” like this Thermostat, from your Smartphone


You can take a free 8 week online class “The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone” offered through Cornell to begin to explore the fundamental computing technology inside smartphones and the advanced techniques that make them run so fast.  You’ll learn about:

Digital logic
Computer organization
Instruction sets
Application Software
Advanced performance techniques
Actual smartphone processors

Enroll in Computing Technology Inside Smartphones from CornellX at…


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