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Good Luck Baden Academy Future City Competition Team

This Saturday, January 21, from 9 am to 12 noon, the Future City competition will be underway at the Carnegie Music Hall (this is the far right hand side of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History on Forbes Avenue).

Baden Academy fellows David Denkovich, John Ake, Blair McCombs, with classmates Logan Zutter, Devin Nairn, Angel Spect, Nathaniel Curry and Ava Valent, mentors Brenden Finn and Carrie Kennedy, have poured hours of time preparing their model and presentations for the big day.

Special thanks to Mat Davis for 3-D printing their unique Bright Light City Theatrical Dome (interior holograms can change the venue from the Globe Theater, to Heinz Field, to the Hogwart’s Quidditch Field).  Thanks are also extended to Almatis Inc for the extraordinary donation of recycled ceramics we used to make the city with.  Pieces were used to model buildings and fountains throughout the city.  And it couldn’t have been as successful without the guidance of Chelsea Iorfido in having the 6th grade work together on the essay portion of the competition.

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