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Favorite Teachers and the Best of Compliments

Your help is requested. Please find a way to prop up your phone or camera and make a quick film for one of my research fellows. Third grade Riley is asking you a question; “What is the most profound and memorable compliment a teacher ever gave you.”

The responses will be posted on her website for voting to be included in her upcoming book, “Give a Kid a Compliment.”

In celebration of the Ides of March, here’s mine Riley.


If you would like to send her your mp4 video, please email me ([email protected]) with
– your name as you want it to appear
– contact information
– and paste the below paragraph into the email.
This video is being submitted for the project “Give a Kid a Compliment.” All submissions become the sole property of Baden Academy Media Lab/Grow a Generation and may be used for the website

We will contact you if we wish to use your submission in any other way.

On behalf of Riley and all those who will learn to give a kid a meaningful compliment, thank you!

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