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Vote this week! i5 Digital Video Competition

I am so proud of the hard work and creative genius that 4 different groups of students have put forward to enter the i5 Digital Video Competition. They each need your help!

March 26-April 9
Go online to your Youtube or Google account (if you do not already have one they are free!):
1. Click the links below then click “LIKE”
2. You can ‘like’ for up to 3 middle school and 3 high school films. Please help us get the Viewer’s Choice Award!

Watch as the AP Computer Science Principles class at CWNC describes this fascinating new program…

Students from Baden Academy worked are inquisitive and hilarious as they explore the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math of our school play.

Four students attended at G-MITES Spring camp and created a hilarious and informative video about a fascinating part of Pittsburgh’s history.

Elise took it upon herself to make a film (she is an amazing young girl and has commanded the Nerd Battalion since 3rd grade).  Check out what she learned about cyber security,

Don’t waste a moment – go vote!


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