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Charlie the Seizure Response Dog by Charlie Houston and Ava Skender

“I wanted to write a book about dogs”  Ava said.

“I wanted to write a book about epilepsy.” Charlie said.

Together, they partnered with Paws with a Cause, and wrote an informative and entertaining story called Charlie the Seizure Response Dog.  

The book is dedicated to all the compassionate and hard working people at Paws With a Cause and the Epilepsy Foundation. It tells the story of Charlie, a dog trained by Paws With a Cause, and his special friend Ava who has epilepsy.   The kids worked hard for two years crafting their story with their mentor then creating images with green screen photography and puppets.

Profits go to Paws with a Cause and the Epilepsy Foundation.


Click on the link to order the book or visit

Writing a book in as a research fellow at the Baden Academy Media Lab is a long, hard process.  It took Charlie and Ava two years, working at least 40 minutes every week in the lab.

The two of them made a TED Talk at the end of their first year.  Enjoy!


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