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Max and the Tornado by Brian Curry

Congratulations Brian Curry on you first published book, Max and the Tornado! He worked for two years assembling the story with mentors Mrs. Breaden and Tim VIgnere, painstakingly using Photoshop and original artwork from Kelli Keriotis to complete the illustrations.  Third graders Matthew Minnite and Noah Schweikert finished the final two pages of artwork and got the book ready for the Baden Academy Media Lab.  The book was a research fellows project at the school.


The description reads: “Max and his family must respond quickly to a tornado warning, but the loud wind makes him frightened. This story reinforces for children checklists and procedures to survive a tornado.”  All profits from the book benefit the American Red Cross. Get your copy today from Lulu, or come to the Baden Academy Story Walk to his first book signing.

Way to go Brian – you indeed wrote a book that could save a life!

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