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The Boy, the Bird, and the Turbine

Energy is one of the three leading industries of the Pittsburgh Region and students at Seton LaSalle are getting ready to be lead the way!  Seven Seton LaSalle freshman worked through the year with their English teacher, Miss Emily Rosati, and their science teacher, Dr. Anthony DeCaria, to write an original children’s book about wind energy in Pennsylvania.

Their journey began with research.  They were drawn to clean and renewable energy and sought out global and national voices celebrating the latest technology and advances in the field.  They found a mentor in the American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) and began to write their narrative. Wanting to “get things right” the group spent a day traveling to the Patton Wind Farm in Somerset County, St. Francis University Institute for Energy and the Pittsburgh Energy Innovation Center. Edits to their original draft were suggested by Christine Real de Azua from AWWI and everyone they met on the tour.  The book was an opportunity to apply science and language requirements of a high school classroom to a real world project.

Congratulations to the student team of Diego Flores/Cruz, Tyler Hill, Sethan-Jai Doan, Caroline Marston, DaVinci (Joshua Mellor),  Joseph Rouse, and Taylor Weyrich for all their hard work and their desire to inspire kids younger than them to learn more about wind energy. One of their classmates, Sloane McCensky, got involved and created some original artwork to decorate the book, hoping to make it accessible to younger kids.  The team is donating any and all profits to the American Wind Wildlife Institute.

You are invited to buy the book and enjoy the story of a Western Pennsylvanian boy befriending a hawk and discovering more about the new wind turbines that are scattered into their landscape. The book is published through Grow a Generation and available on Lulu

Small teams of students from the project are available to visit your school, library or community group to read aloud their book and share with you their enthusiasm for wind energy.


You can visit the project website at


Let us know if your school, classroom, or student wants to become part of a new generation of STEM Athletes, Digital Storytellers, and World Changers.  

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