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Student written Opioid book receiving wonderful support

I am very proud of the hard work of Quincy, Angelina, and Clayton (and the bravery of Aleenia to inspire them with her story). Their story is one of compassion, one of hope, and one of science – reliance on Addiction Scientists to come up with evidence-based help to try to end this terrible epidemic.

The ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) has featured the book as one of their resources and purchased copies to supply at various conferences and training.

Our local news station, WTAE, sent one of their reporters, Sheldon Ingram, to Baden Academy.  There interview aired as part of the State of Addiction.

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Local 5th graders come together to raise awareness of opioid crisis through new children’s book

Updated: 6:38 PM EDT Jun 8, 2018

Everyone involved is thrilled for the support.  May the parents, siblings, children and friends of those suffering with addiction find hope in their pages.



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