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3-D Printing in a Metalsmith Shop

My husband and I have been shopping around for new rings, replacing one stolen last year in a theft.  We found a metalsmith in Andover, New York whose creations were inspiring, so we took a drive.

While Stephen Walker’s artistry alone would have inspired a purchase, I was thrilled to learn this particular metalsmith has embraced computer aided design and 3-D printing.   His plastic design is used to create a mold for actual metal casting.  The ingenuity, the craftsmanship, are astounding.

Walker Metalsmiths  uses BlueCast resin from Italy. Traditional plastics/resins used in many 3D printers don’t work with the casting process. Before 3D printing they used wax, which would melt/burn out of the mold. They’ve tried several variations and BlueCast seems to mimic the wax most closely with just a higher burn out temperature.

The possibilities are starting to reverberate through artists and craftsman. Another designer, Sarah Graham uses 3D printed to make one of a kind fingerprint jewelry.


Thank you Walker Metalsmiths for the tour!  I can’t wait to see the new rings.

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