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Black Friday Sale: Find Your Passion at the STEM Leadership Center

Sign up today at the STEM Leadership Center @ Prevention Network and Class Academy

or call 724-266-1498 to register over the phone.

Gift Certificates can be requested.

Expect to spend 4-6 hours with our expert guide Wyatt.  Complete the journey to receive your personalized ten page report that will finally provide the answer to the question people can’t stop asking, “What are you going to do after graduation?”

Find Your Passion turns career guidance on its head. Most “interest inventories” and “career tests” take into account a variety of personality traits and tell you the job that a lot of people with your same traits work in. A lot of us walk away uninspired, feeling misunderstood, or cemented into a future we are not passionate about.

These aren’t completely without merit.  Pennsylvania has just opened a magnificent portal  You can take a career assessment for free and explore in-demand fields of Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture and Food Production, Bio Medical, Building and Construction, Business Services, Education, Energy, Health Care, Hospitality, Leisure, and Entertainment, Logistics and Transportation, Real Estate, Finance, and Insurance, and Wood, Wood Products, and Publishing.  [A side note on their site…  an in demand Advanced Manufacturing career is Mechatronics – both as a technician with an 18 month certificate or an engineer with a four year degree.  Despite that being one of the top three growing industries in Pittsburgh and one of the top needs, the PA site does not mention mechatronics at all as of this date].

As valuable as this resource and others like it are, we choose a different path!  We help you look for real problems in the world that need you to help solve them. Come with us to identify a major problem, challenge, and opportunity that faces our 21st-century world. Many of these don’t even pop up on your radar until you are heading into graduate school.

The PaSmart site, and others like it, create a great catalog of possibilities.  The students I work with find it either overwhelming or uninspiring.  We are designed as human beings to make a real difference in the world and the lives of others.  Stating future job possibilities as a display of potential education products and future work to pay for the student loans doesn’t often inspire the motivation needed to persevere in the hard work of earning the certificates and degrees. Passion is needed.

Don’t wait! Learn what types of projects, academic experiences, and mentors you need to seek out help solve the challenges you are most passionate about.

Fair warning – the problems we are introducing you to are in the Science, Engineering, and Technology. We want to open your mind to the real careers (like mechatronics!) that are waiting, to jobs that can help you pay for the student loans you will probably accumulate, to dreams of robotics, biomechanics, nanotechnology, or space, to tribes of enthusiastic problem solvers that help keep you motivated to make a meaningful difference in the world.

What you get for persevering through this fun journey to find your passion is a well scripted, meaningful answer to that proverbial question “What are you doing after graduation?” You’ll have an answer that leaves them speechless!

Come, Find Your Passion!


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