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MG Kids About Town

Hoby, Carmine and Anthony with Chef Jason at Biba and Honour, Gianna and Kathryn with Chemistry Professor Dr. Rodney Austin at Geneva College.

The MG (Molecular Gastronomy) Kids were busy with two different field trips this week! The 6th grade boys traveled to Beaver to learn all about Panna Cotta and the science of milk products with Chef Jason at Biba. The 3rd grade girls traveled to Geneva College to learn about the chemistry and reactions in the bubbling sourdough starter.

While it will be one or two months before the episodes they filmed are edited and up on their website, I encourage you to go out to and enjoy some past episodes, letting the kids know through likes and comments which are your favorites. They particularly want to know if their episodes can help you teach science and inspire other kids.

This project is a fellowship at Baden Academy Charter School, where enrolled 3rd-6th graders can apply to the media lab for a research fellowship in a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Leadership fellowships.

Do you have a child not at Baden Academy who wants to partner with mentors around the globe and create meaningful projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? Call today for a free tour of STEM Leadership Center on Wednesday and Thursday nights at Baden Academy. The program is open to 6th to 10th graders.

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