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Make it Memorable – A Note to Kids Stuck at Home

A cave used by the desert fathers in Syria, a group of ascetics and monks  from the 3rd and 4th centuries.
A cave used by desert fathers in Syria in the 3rd century.

Throughout human history, people have tried to get a moment to retreat from the busyness of everyday life. And then we have times when we are forced to retreat. As someone who has experienced both, may I please offer you a popcorn thought…


Binging TV, spending hours gaming, even escaping into fun fiction books are easy – feel good – and are easily forgotten. But at the point of reflection where I stand (let’s just say I am over 50), the retreats I remember were memorable!

Some features of memorable retreats:

  • I decided to think deeply with a classic book or a knowledgable guide and come to a new understanding about myself and the world,
  • I learned a new skill that was silly but fun (how to draw a horse or how to code a fractal),
  • I made a new friend or made a current friendship even deeper. Games, even online, where there is a healthy atmosphere and support, are great ways to connect if you know who you are playing with,
  • I took the time to make something for someone else and had the opportunity to give it to them later.

Can you create a schedule that includes a time to do something memorable? For example, if you use TV and games as a reward, schedule

1) get the work done I committed to first (like homework), then

2) spend at least an hour doing something meaningful, then, and only then,

3) do something mindless like watch or read or play.

Just ask yourself, is this memorable?

If you do not feel safe, you are hungry, you are overwhelmed, you are not sure what to do in a caregiver role, please reach out to your teacher through email and ask for help! Safety comes first.

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