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STEM Lords and Ladies (Camp Leaders)

Joel Cilli, the STEM director at PA Cyber will be leading two camps for middle school, Arduino Circuits and Code and Redstone Circuits in Real Life. These camps come with kits for the kids to take home and continue exploring thei brave new world of circuits and robotics.

William Cody started Mad Science of Pittsburgh in 2009. He has a passionate approach for science and the 20,000 students throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania have been fortunate to see his talents on display. Kids attending the Fizz, Boom, Bang camp will be mesmerized with a blend of humor and scientific curiosity.

Matthew Dado, an extraordinary educational technology teacher from the New Castle School District, will be offering a chance for both high school and middle school students to get an entry ready for the STEM Video Game Challenge. As an added bonus, high school teens can stay through the afternoon to learn by teaching and helping the Jr. High for needed service hours.

Sara McMillen from Baden Academy will be leading the week long Engineer Your Passion. Each day introduces students to a different engineering field and gives them a chance to brainstorm, research, design, build, test, and rebuild.

Mark Romutis, space enthusiast, licensed pilot, and adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh leads both high school and middle school teams in the  STEM Lunar Challenge. The Challenge requires imagination and involves preparing ideas that will be expressed in a 3D video game environment, and introduces them to the possibilities opening up in the new space race.


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