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Writing a Purpose Statement

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When the “have tos” are done, what does your child “want to” do?  Is it just the exhausted collapse before passive entertainment or do they pick up something they are passionate in: something beautiful they are creating; something new they are learning; some relationship they are making strong and healthy; some time set aside to pray, reflect, remember, and memorialize what is important; some activity that makes them strong; some project that makes a meaningful contribution in the world; some legacy that is noble, beautiful and true?

All of these things are what Steven Covey in his classic book Seven Habits of Highly Successful People called Important but Not Urgent – the big rocks in our life.  It is human to focus on the urgent or the passive. – the little rocks and sand that fill our jar.  It takes a plan with the goal of making room for the big rocks – setting aside time to do those things you really want.

Writing a Purpose Statement is a handbook designed to help you and the young person you love to hold a meaningful conversation about their hopes, their dreams, and their pursuit of a meaningful destiny. The handbook culminates in a well crafted, personalized mission statement with goals and objectives. The process is a fun way for you and the young person in your life to not only talk about some ‘meaning of life’ sort of things, but set your child on the path of being intrinsically motivated to put down the game or TV controller and create something of meaning and beauty.  Click the image to learn more about the published handbook and Ebook.


Paperback  Price: $20.00

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Ebook  Price: $4.99




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