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Create a Website

Create a Website

Coming Soon! 

Create a website around your passion!  Fill it with information, blog about the latest news, and sell products made with your original art to raise funds for those doing research in your field.

Do you have to know HTML?  No, but you will be learning some and able to use what you do know.  

We will use Weebly, a drag and drop website builder so that you can have a completed and functional website at the end of this course.   

Session One:  Dream big: What do I want a website to do?

Session Two:  Web Building Software: Comparing Wix, Google Sites, Weebly, and WordPress (.com and .org).

Session Three:  Creating and Naming an Online Avatar

Session Four: Setting Up a Weebly Account

Session Five:  The Menu Bar: Creating Pages

Session Six: About Page: Images, Fonts, and Hyperlinks

Session Seven:  Getting the Word Out

Session Eight:  Maintaining Your New Home on the Web


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