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Engineering Saturdays

Thank you to Lauren for forwarding the gorgeous video!  Dutch artist Theo Jansen, intricately conjoined plastic tubes, wood and sails, and formed beautiful and complex works of art. Mr. Jansen makes some interesting claims about the definitions of life and asks whether his many-legged skeletons that move so fluidly and autonomously can be called a new, engineered life form.  Ferris Jabr’s February 2014 post eloquently posed the questions to provoke those conversations of ethics and philosophy needed to temper the hands of engineers. I invite your kids to learn more.  Come and join me for Engineering Saturdays in May and June and discuss not only the physics and math of engineering, but the meaning and purpose as well.

5 Saturday Engineering Workshops

11 am to 3 pm

Baden Academy Media Lab

Grades 3-8 (high school can apply as interns)



May 17 Cardboard Arcade Games

Come make an arcade game out of cardboard!  Kids will design and build awesome creations using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. Celebrate the creativity and imagination of “Caine’s Arcade.”

May 24 NASA Design Challenge

Become part of space history and have your name recorded as a virtual crew member on Orion’s inaugural mission to Mars. We will study the effects of radiation on human space travelers and analyze different materials that simulate space radiation shielding for Orion.

May 31 Bridge Building

Can you build a bridge that can stand the weight?  Learn to design, build and break a variety of bridge designs.

June 7 Catapults and Trebuchets

Participants will design and build their own catapult/trebuchet. They will then finish with a competition launch. How far can you fling? Disclaimer: We are not flinging a piano

June 14 Re-purposed Motors

Bring an old toy with a working motor with batteries to power it.  We will be tearing apart the old toys and innovating new ones with a new knowledge of how motors work.


Limit: 22 students per camp.

Cost per student is $45 for the first camp; $30 for each additional camp.


Frequently Asked Questions

What time and Where?
11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Baden Academy Charter School (the old Mt. Gallitzen) on Rte 65 in Baden – on the first floor in the Media Lab.  Directions

Who can attend?
Kids going into grades 3 – 8 can enroll.  They do not need to be students enrolled in Baden Academy Charter School. High school and college student can apply as interns to help with the camp.

How Much?
Each workshop has a registration cost of $45.00. If you are registering for more than one Saturday, the cost is $30 for each additional workshop.

How many students are in each camp?
The maximum number of campers each week is twenty-two.

Will the workshop cancel if there are too few participants?
Yes, if there are less than five participants, the workshop will cancel.  You will be notified a) when the minimum number have been reached and b) by the Thursday before if the workshop will cancel. Help prevent cancellation and share this webpage with your friends!  Let them know about this great opportunity.

What’s for lunch?
Children are expected to pack their own lunch. Lemonade and water will be on available throughout the day.

How does my teen or young adult apply to help at the workshops?
Students applying for an internship can send an email to [email protected] requesting acceptance.

Can parents and teachers attend sessions?
Sessions are open for free adult registration for those interested in using the technology in their homes or classrooms.


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