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Summer Camps @ Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic

Summer Camps
at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic
High School

JULY 6 – JULY 31

High School       Middle School      Upper Elementary

Developing STEM Skills,
grounding learners in a fun vision and competitive edge for future careers,
all while building a more just and beautiful world.

Summer Camps @ CWNC

STEM Careers TourSTEM Careers Tour  (Grades 9-12) July 6-10

Travel by bus to 10 companies and 5 college campuses in and around Pittsburgh for tours, discussions, activities, and explorations. $395 More Information…


Find Your PassionFind Your Passion STEM Careers Exploration  (Grades 9-12) July 13-17

This is the ideal week for teens looking for colleges or degree programs that will inspire and motivate them!  This full day program invites learners to identify their passion, that element in life that fills them with insatiable curiosity and an interior drive to learn more. $325 More Information…


Engineer Your PassionEngineer Your Passion (Grades 6-8) July 20-24

Each full day includes a hands-on engineering project, a chance to build, master a few great mathematical and physical concepts, and be inspired to consider a future in a STEM career.  Participants will be introduced to a different engineering field and have a chance to brainstorm, research, design, build, test, and rebuild.  Come, be inspired to consider a future in a STEM career! Past programs have included catapults, heart valves, and design challenges for the NASA Orion spacecraft.  $325 More Information…

Audacious Roboticists (2)Audacious Roboticists (Grades 3-5) July 13-17 

Mentored by the Cardinal Wuerl Tro-Bot FIRST Robotics Team, budding roboticists will work with Mindstorm robots to navigate some amazing competition fields and master robotic engineering concepts of gear ratios, angles of turn rotation, the frequency and amplitude of sound sensors, and the sensors used by the new driverless cars. Click image to learn more! $185

Archaeological Game DesignersGame Design – Archaeology Style  (Grades 3-5) July 13-17

The mission:  to choose a historical artifact and animate a game of discovery to be used by a local museum or historical society. Scratch animation software will be taught as student learn to storyboard their project, import and edit photographs, then program animations that tell a story that emotionally draws their audience into their game. Click image for more information. $185

Crafting a Science Fiction Short Story

Crafting a Science Fiction Short Story (Grades 9-12) July 13-17

Throughout the week, students will draft their own short stories with the goal of submitting for publication. They will analyze two texts and discuss the elements of a short story and how language impacts the way we read and form our own opinions and interpretations of a text. Click image to learn more! $185

Mobile App Development  (1)Mobile App Development (Grades 9-12) July 20-24

The Mobile App Development Camp will focus on developing apps for the Android and the preparing a team to compete in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge.  Camp participants will receive the skills and knowledge needed to create their own apps. No prior programming experience needed.  All levels encouraged to come! Click the image to learn more. $185

The Writings of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michio KakuThe Writings of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku (Grades 9-12) July 20-24 

Students will explore the writings of Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse Tyson two modern writers in popular science. As we discuss and think about the implications of Kaku and Tyson’s work, students will prepare a science fair proposal that is based on one chapter from each book. Click the image to learn more. $185

NASA Design Challenges

NASA Engineering Design Challenges (Grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12) July 27-31

Come learn about the multitude of NASA Engineering Challenges that are being offered in the upcoming year and the amazing opportunities now available in space exploration, robotics, scientific experimentation, geographic informational systems, and mining. $185
Space Apps Challenge

Space Apps Challenge: Getting Ready for a Hackathon (Grades 9-12) July 27-31

Examine the entries and programming to the recent winners of the International Space Apps Challenge, a two-day hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe collaborated and engaged with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges. Can you lead a team to victory next year? Click the image to learn more. $185
The Science of Martial Arts

The Science of Martial Arts (Grades 9-12) July 27-31

An understanding of the principal physics of mass, velocity and torque help athletes gain an advantage over their opponents. This hands on course is designed to help students experience and visualize physics in an applied setting (martial arts/self defense). Previous martial arts experience is not necessary. Click the image to learn more. $185

Drama Workshop- Einstein's DreamsDrama Workshop:  Einstein’s Dreams (Grades 9-12) July 27-31

Students will analyze, interpret, and prepare to perform from Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.  Click the image to learn more. $185


Project Based Learning

Our mission is to provide meaningful projects to help kids discover thrive and succeed in the 21st Century. Our success is rooted in a sincere commitment to helping each child ignite a unique and persistent passion in life-long learning and creating, to give them tools to become innovators and critical thinkers, emotionally intelligent collaborators, resilient leaders with a vision for a more just and beautiful world.

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    • Michelle Faber on June 17, 2015 at 8:59 am
    • Reply

    Ellen, I think you spoke to my boys years ago at FLL. Anyhow, I was looking at the Mobile App Development camp for my rising 9th grader. But we end up frustrated when these opportunities are too simplistic for him. It says no programming experience necessary…TJ has done 3 years of FLL and a year of FTC. He also programmed a simulated Battleship game in C last year for the science fairs to test out different strategies.

    He has never created an app before. This year he would like to possibly create an app for the science fair related to an academic or medical disability (he has a couple personally to choose from) or STEM education (another passion of his…he was the self-proclaimed STEM spokesperson at his middle school). Do you really think this camp would be useful to him? It looks like it might be helpful getting him started, but I guess part of the issue is how much it will be self-paced versus controlled to an introductory speed. We’ve signed the boys up for robotic camps in the past where they’ve been told “no, don’t program that – it’s too complicated” and they’ve come away discouraged.

    Thanks! Sincerely, Michelle Faber

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