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Research Fellows post 4 TED Ed Videos

Congratulations to the Baden Academy Research Fellows who have successfully posted TED Ed videos as part of their participation in the Research Fellow program at the school and their involvement in the Imagination Celebration, (They each presented these live at the Imagination Celebration, but we re-recorded to allow us to eliminate some of the ambient sounds.)

Dream Bigger! That is Kadie’s message. Her story of moving from a small idea to one that has involved much of our school is extraordinary. She communicates an entrepreneurial spirit alongside her earnest desire to make a gift to her school community.

Courtney and Elise were very interested in technology at the school but noticed that their classmates were very frustrated by the computers in the school. They wanted to help and so they formed the Nerd Battalion to begin to respond to the problems. The girls efforts were met with a great deal of support and their “RDs” (Research Dragons) were welcomed by teachers in the classroom. Both of these remarkable young girls were awarded ribbons in the recent science fair for their work with the generation and storage of electricity.


Look into the face of a cat and see two eyes staring back that beckon us to care. These two girls responded to the crisis of stray and feral cats by making commercials for a local humane society. The “Kitty Whisperers” want to inspire you to look at cats differently.


8 teachers, 12 buses, 250 students all organized in 12 minutes! Owen has worked with FedEx to create a technological assist so the complex process of safely busing students to and from our Charter School. Owen is a 5th grader gifted in math and computer science. He likes to dive deeply into technology to discover how things work and brings a genuine concern for the safety and well being of classmates. His dedication inspires the staff and teachers.



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