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Space: A Reemerging Frontier

Did you see the Falcon 9 launch, what one person described as accurately throwing a pencil over the Empire State Building and having it land on dime on the other side.

Have you been following the news United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing that launched ten times in the last year to deliver orbital satellites and resupplies to the International Space Station?

Are you aware how many people are currently living in space? (6 including astronauts from the Ukraine, England, Russia and the United States)?

In the Pittsburgh area, Astrobotic has been awarded $1.75 million dollars of the Google Lunar X-Prize is using its Griffin Lander to deliver Payload to the Moon before 2020.  

Students, grades 9-12, have an opportunity to learn more about the new Race to Space and compete in the STEM Lunar Challenge. The six week workshop begins February 4.  Sign up soon!


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