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One Inspired Judge

I invite you to listen to the humble tale of Timothy – 6th grade Future City competition team leaders and TED Ed Club Speaker.


I cannot stress enough the difference the hands on tours can make in inspiring and motivating students to pursue difficult STEM careers.

Do you have a high school student who lives in Butler County? Thanks to a generous grant from the Tri-County workforce Investment Board, 15 free seats are available for the June 13-17 STEM Careers Tour. We have some exciting companies lined up: Penn Energy, Neville Chemical, Quest Diagnostics, ALCOSAN, F.J. Baehr Architects, Discovery Robotics, NOVA Chemical, and Helomics.

We spend lunch each day at various college departments, enjoying our meal while talking with graduate students and hearing more about the specific degree offerings in that department. Plans include University of Pittsburgh’s Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Carlow University’s Biology Department, Duquesne University’s Rangos School of Health Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture, and Chatham University’s School of Sustainability.

The week will conclude with an afternoon at the Tech Shop, the hub of innovation here in the Pittsburgh Area. Students will get hands on training with the equipment that carves metal with the pressure of a water jet.

Sign up today for this free week! Only a few seats are left.

Timothy Snyder

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