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The New Pokémon GO


I was in Walmart the other night and was bumped into by three different players staring at their phones wandering the aisles looking for Augmented Reality Pokemon with their cell phones.

Geek that I am, I got all excited, abandoned my shopping, and started hunting some of the rare ones whose names were being called out.

Sure enough, next to the Banana’s, looking through my phone screen that sees both the bananas in camera view and overlays the image of the Pokemon, there was a Psyduck!  I caught with an accurate flick of my finger on the virtual Pokeball and added to my Pokedex.


Have you played it yet?  It is a free download.  It integrates with GPS and shows you a map that mirrors reality (really scary when it know where I am standing in the shadow that it an accurate layout of my home!).

Check out Glorian and Dru’s talk based on their original commercial.



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