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Grow a Generation Research Fellows 2016-17

Applications are now closed for the 2016-17 Research Fellowships.  Congratulations to the thirty projects that were selected.  A special thanks to Lauren Bensink and Craig Jeffers, CEO and principal of Baden Academy Charter School, Margaret Ruefle, principal of the Providence Heights Alpha School, and Luke Crawford, principal of Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic, the anonymous corporate sponsors and many mentors for the vision and foresight to support these amazing opportunities of student enrichment and professional development.



Anna Rutkowski is writing a book about the invention of Folia Water’s silver nanoparticle infused paper that cleans water.

Sean Kennelly is writing a book about the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn


Gina Tennerelli is developing and directing the new Alpha Innovation Lab at the Providence Height Alpha School


Beth Young is developing Augmented Reality enhanced promotional materials for upcoming drama performances.

Amy Murray is preparing students in her AP Biology class to enter their zebrafish embryo experiments in the Pittsburgh Science and Engineering Fair.

Keith Zielen is preparing a documentary on the new Mobile Computer Science Principles class for entry into the i5 Digital Video Competition.


Kelli Keriotis is writing a book with her Kindergarten class about Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of color.

Karie Walaan is creating a podcast with her gifted and talented students that deconstructs the successful habits of gifted individuals.

Leann Davis is created a website of lessons around new technology and sustainable housing, culminating in building a miniature version of one of the models as a playhouse to auction for Habitat.

Taylor Breaden is partnering with the Baden library in to build a culture that loves to read.

Hannah Kimmick is preparing 3-D printed letters in different font styles to allow her kindergarten kids to experiment building sight words.

Shundeena Beard is having students record and animate their musical performances using Scratch programming.


Brian is writing Max and the Tornado

Ava and Charlie are writing Charlie the Seizure Response Dog

Carter and Hoby are writing Genetically Modified Fleas: Which Way is Up?

Maya and Kennedi are writing Barbee the Bee visits Sr. Lyn’s Beehive

Anthony, Christopher, Rylee and Logan are teaching chemistry with the ongoing development of youtube videos and content for the MG Boys site.

Kaitlyn and Brynn are continuing to develop the website by empowering classmates to read and write reviews.

Quincy and Brett are promoting their book Don’t Smoke as they work on a website for kids to help prevent smoking, drinking, and drug abuse.

Elise, Aderyn, Zaynah, and Owen are working toward making the Nerd Battalion a movement with training and badges.

Kadie, Owen, Will, Jaylee, and Adiayah are empowering all of the research fellows to brand and merchandise their project artifacts and become e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Alex and Jacen are creating a system for schools and community organizations to partner with area food banks for regular collections.

Delana, Zion, Sofia, and Gianna are developing a website highlighting organizational tools for kids.

Aleenia is once again leading the Take Action service learning club.

Dru and Glorian are leading the Dragon Tag Programming Club.

Blair, John, and David are leading the Future Cities Competition Team.

Isaiah and Kara are leading the TedEd Club.

Sarah, Liam and Arielle will be leading the Robotics club.

Alyssa, Brody, Ethan, and Kennedy will be leading the Future Engineers club.


Have I mentioned how much I love my job!  I am surrounded by incredibly gifted people passionate about the projects they are pursuing!  Thank you to all who support us.






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