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Find Your Passion Winter Overnight

This overnight experience is perfect for High School students in grades 10, 11 or 12 seeking to choose a college, career path, and degree program.  It is also a good opportunity for college freshman and sophomore to explore their degree choices before they switch their major.


Find Your Passion takes a very different approach to career guidance.  Rather than basing a 20th century career recommendation on your personality score, we help you identify with a major problems, challenges, and opportunities that faces our 21st century world and learn what types of projects, academic experiences, and mentors you need to seek out help solve the challenges you are most passionate about.

Did you know 70% of new jobs are created by startups?  The top 9 industries with predicted growth are in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

This overnight program invites learners to identify their passion, that element in life that fills them with insatiable curiosity and an interior drive to learn more. It also challenges you to consider economics and which passions you can get paid for. 

Choosing from personal stories, local and world news, and futuristic visions of the future, students will go deeper to identify current leaders in those fields and how they arrived where they are.

Specific goals and objectives will be developed for project based portfolio building activities that can lead them onto the path to begin pursuing their passion right away as they examine the college degrees and internships that will lead them to become a leader with a massively transformative purpose.

You will walk away from this experience having already reached out to potential mentors from the companies you want to work for and the academic disciples you want to pursue.  FIND OUT MORE

Come find your passion!


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