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Folia Water visits Baden Academy

Students from Baden Academy classrooms worked hard today to help people from Folia Water save lives around the year.
demonstrating-folia-water-filters-at-baden-academyOur kids listened attentively as they learned about children in the world who don’t have water that come from a tap.  Their faces expressed an innate empathy to learn that people in other parts of the world actually get sick because the only water they have to drink is dirty water.
jessica-montana-demonstrating-folia-water-filters-at-baden-academyJessica Montana led the kids in a wonderful activity that helped them understand how water gets dirty.
dr-theresa-dankovich-demonstrating-folia-water-filters-at-baden-academyDr. Theresa Dankovich read them a draft of the story Aguita, part instruction and part communication tool to help children and families in Spanish speaking parts of the world use her new filter to help save lives.
folia-water-filter_edited-1The kids asked some great questions and are recording more as the week goes by. The filter paper was infused with silver nano-particles, too tiny for the eye to see.
To create such an invention, Dr. Dankovich studied years, beginning with an undergraduate degree from Cornell in Textiles and Fiber Science, a masters degree from UC Davis in Agricultural and Environmental Science, and a Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from McGill University in Quebec. She went on to two different postdoc experiences, one at the University of Virginia and the other at Carnegie Mellon University. Her development of the silver nanoparticle infused paper has led her to become a small business entrepreneur and earned her the Global Thinker Award, the DIA Gold Prize, and recognition as one of the most creative people in Business. Her invention was named one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2015.
Thank you Dr. Teri for making us part of your mission to provide clean water to 1 billion people at a cost of 1 penny a day!

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