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Newton’s Prism

This ingenious tale not only recounts the story of Newton’s famous prism experiments and discovery of color, but also helps students learn about the difference between facts and inferences.  The story is brought to life by the kindergarten students of Kelli Keriotis, whose faces are photoshopped into classical images of history.

What questions does Newton’s story inspire you to ask?

Mrs. Keriotis, a 2017 Distinguished Educator Research Fellow from Baden Academy, read aloud the finished story to her class and the recording is below.   It should be noted that her students were much more engaged with the physical book held before them and an expressive storyteller stopping for their reactions.  You are invited to purchase your own copy of Newton’s Prism.


Profits from the sale of this book benefit We Charity, formerly Free the Children, an international charity that partners with communities to help lift themselves out of poverty using a holistic, sustainable five-pillar development model.


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