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Saying a Professional Farewell to Leah

For more than two years this phenomenal woman and professional has served as Star Lord to my Galactic Problem Solving. She has helped mentor over a hundred kids in the Baden Academy Media Lab, has led another hundred on STEM Career Tours, and served as confidant, business consultant, professional organizer and project manager.  She is leaving Grow a Generation to return to industry, seeking to put her chemical engineering to good use in the lab. {If you are a local firm looking for a talented chemical engineer, hard worker, quick thinker, and meticulous note taker, you’d be lucky to hire her!).

She approached every new challenge with a contagious enthusiasm and helped make the lab a place where everyone could flourish.  She has a sense of humor and genuine love of others that allowed for those moments when all the busy-ness was put on pause and everyone could enjoy what was immediately at hand.

Leah, you will be missed.  While professional goodbyes were said today, I hope that a lifelong friendship has been forged.  ~ Ellen


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