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The 2017 Eclipse and the Inspiration it Inspired

August 21, 2017, the sky darkened and the kids from Baden Academy looked up with special glasses, with a special telescope, and with pinhole viewer reflections to be inspired.

Inspired they were!  Solar science is a popular theme as applications come in for this year’s research fellowships at Baden Academy.

I can’t wait to see which projects the staff and administration choose.

  • A book about a solar scientist who travels the world to capture two and a half minutes of data during an eclipse to learn more about the sun.
  • An astronomy club that meets once a month at night.
  • A mural and website about sun and the electromagnetic spectrum of photons that it emits
  •  A website about preventing radio, electrical, and digital information damage from solar flares and radiation.
  • And a plethora of science fair projects being proposed.  Plasma – here we come!

What have you been inspired to do?

Here are some resources you may want to explore!

Special thanks to Dan Fisher for the generous donation of the Celestron Telescope and Mylar filters to allow us some close up looks that day.

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