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Virtual Reality Classes to start soon

Virtual reality job openings are up 800%

Fall Programs
at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic
and Seton LaSalle High Schools


Begin to master the latest tools and technologies and put your tech skills to work in the exciting field of VR! We will be learning together from industry experts like Google, Unity, and HTC, and becoming Virtual Reality Developers.

This six week course will focus on foundations. We will start by using the Unity Game Engine to build beautiful Virtual Reality scenes and learn how to make the experience of Virtual Reality more dynamic and responsive by using C# programming in the Unity interface. 

Purchase at:

Virtual Reality
Grades 8-12
6:30-8:00 PM

At CWNC in Cranberry
Tuesday Evenings starting Sept. 26

At Seton LaSalle in Mt. Lebanon
Wednesday Evenings starting Sept. 27

Email DrEllen “at” to request a printable registration form.




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