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Finding Hope in Rare Earth Fellows

Arion Heaggans trying to cook Scandium in his new Rare Earth video

When Baden Academy went online, our eighty-five fellows at the school needed to find a way to collaborate online and continue to work on their 30 plus projects. While I cannot ignore the digital divide, overwhelmed parents, massive injustices, and anxiety blossoms, I am energized and excited by the kids and families who were able to rise above and focus on what creating some amazing things.

Check out Arion’s video on Scandium. He is one of the Rare Earth Elements Fellowship team.

The Rare Earth Elements team researches rare earth elements, interviews experts, and make videos about these mineral resources.  They want to raise awareness about these seventeen elements on the periodic table, several of which are critical to industries in the United States. These elements remain in the news of global trade agreements, green technology, environmental justice, workers’ rights, and material science. Check out their first video.

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and protests for racial justice, parents are making space in their homes for children to continue down their paths of scientific inquiry and we have the treat of learning about Scandium. For me, for my staff, we have seen these times to include extraordinary time full of vital, transformative movements that could not be foreseen.  Thank you Rare Earth Team.

If your child is excited to learn about Rare Earth Elements, here is a list of some summertime activities they can do.

  • Create a film where you are a detective searching for rare earth elements in the various tech in your home and community.

If your child wants to pursue a meaningful project in science, technology, or engineering, you are welcome to contact us about fellowships.

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