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Superhero Pose

Pictures of Superhero Poses Walk into the media lab during a class and shout out “Superhero” and watch 20 some kids leap from their stools, throw their shoulders back and strike a superhero pose with hands on their hips or cast into the air about to take flight. Some think it an odd “attention signal” but I assure you, their is a method to the madness.

Amy Cuddy, a Harvard social psychologist, has researched what she calls “power poses.” a low power pose is when we are curled into ourselves, shoulders forward, arms crossed before us, chin down (sounds like a posture to sit in front of a lab computer). High power poses open us up, straiten our spine, throw our gaze and chin upward and reconfigure our brains that literally make us more assertive, confident, relaxed, risk tolerant, and fearless. We actually change our hormones when we strike a Superhero pose for two minutes.

Strike a superhero pose and accomplish great things!

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