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Don’t Smoke – A New Book for Kids by Kids

Cover SnipBrett and Quincy, co-authors with Ava of the new book Don’t Smoke, present some convincing reasons why kids should not start to smoke. Talk to your children, and buy the book at . Profits go to the Lung Cancer Alliance.

Ava began writing Don’t Smoke when she was a fifth grade research fellow at Baden Academy Charter School (BACS).  She was inspired to write the book after both of her grandparents died of lung cancer.  Brett and Quincy, both third grade research fellows at BACS, continued with Ava’s work and completed Don’t Smoke.  Mr. James Bango of  Photography by James donated his time and talent by photographing Ava, Brett, and Quincy for the images in the book.  Mrs. Kelli Keriotis, a kindergarten teacher at Baden Academy, lent her artistic vision, drew the sketches, and helped edit the images.

This book is a research fellows project of the Baden Academy Media Lab.

The Media Lab is a center for creative inquiry, experimentation, and  discovery.  The Lab’s innovative research approaches empower a community of learners to bring to fruition real world projects that benefit the entire community.

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