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Six TED Ed Club Talks by Kids

TEDEdClubLogo1920WhiteBGI signed up to lead a TED Ed Club at Baden Academy as the director of the Media Lab. What fun! and what a great chance to get kids reflect deeply on lessons learned and work on their public speaking skills.

Check out this year’s talks…

It was difficult to work with the group. Each student or student team met at a different time in an irregular schedule. They worked through the TED Ed curriculum, came up with their big ideas, learned how to craft them into a story, wrote and rewrote their text, practiced every chance they could find, then took the stage.

The kids who succeeded worked extraordinarily hard, giving up recess and rehearsing in front of peers, often making mistakes. We also allowed for some nervousness from two of our presenters, editing some mistakes and the need to be reminded about some lines.

The success wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the sound technician and filmographer Jeffrey Hackett, our Dean of Students and Leah Kennelly, Grow a Generation’s project manager. Please, take a moment to leave a comment for these brave young speakers.

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