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21st Century Parenting

 View Book Trailer 21st Century Parenting: Grow a Generation Paperback 21st Century Parenting: Grow a Generation Kindle E-Book   This isn’t a book about what MORE to do, it is a guide to adapt or say no to those activities and assignments that don’t build the skills our children need to thrive is this new, …

When Being a Homeroom Parent is Not Enough

When Being a Homeroom Parent is Not Enough: Parent Proposals to Schools for Project Based Learning Opportunities is a handbook for parents seeking to approach their schools and volunteer to do more. The pages walk you through possible inquiry based projects and tools to help you collaborate with school communities to cultivate 21st century skills. The handbook lists …

Lenten Reflections: JP II to Youth

Pope John Paul the Great’s inspiring words addressed to youth come alive in a daily reflection for youth, young adults, and the young of heart. Short reflections that include a scripture verse, an excerpt from Pope John Paul II’s messages to youth, and a prayer make this a wonderful way to deepen youth faith this …

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