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When Being a Homeroom Parent is Not Enough

When Being a Homeroom Parent is Not Enough: Parent Proposals to Schools for Project Based Learning Opportunities is a handbook for parents seeking to approach their schools and volunteer to do more. The pages walk you through possible inquiry based projects and tools to help you collaborate with school communities to cultivate 21st century skills. The handbook lists possible projects (robotics team, game design competitions, science fairs, etc), helps you identify resources of the school and community, outlines safe environment concerns, provides tools to help you recruit other children and their parents, considers funding options, emphasizes coach’s training and trained mentors, prevents meeting space problems, provides ideas for team building and conflict resolution, inspires success on competition day, considers liability and photographic legal release paperwork, and provides evaluations and end of year reports. Cultivate the skills of innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership, and vision in the young people in your life.


Paperback  Price: $20.00

$16.00 with discount

Ebook  Price: $8.00



Parent Coach Recruitment Letter

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