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21st Century Parenting

21st Century Parenting: Grow a Generation

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This isn’t a book about what MORE to do, it is a guide to adapt or say no to those activities and assignments that don’t build the skills our children need to thrive is this new, conceptual age. 21st Century Parenting is a story of how to get in touch with your child’s passions and help them find their own motivation. It is a navigation map for parenting in an After-Google world of exponential technological growth, unprecedented globalization, and seismic postmodern quakes. Get the help you need to make decisions about activities, schools, and projects that will help your child and teen develop Innovation, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Leadership, and Vision skills.Stories include project based learning with robotics, video game design, and electronic prototyping, and also combining a passion of music, history, art, and psychology with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Woven throughout are essential elements of spirituality. Guide your child to discover inner resources that prepare them to ride the surf of frequent change and hold fast to visions that seek to imagineer a more beautiful world.


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